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Hexcodes Page (Khun) - <khun@hexcodes.org>
Name: ......... Felipe Ecker
Age: .... 1138501364 seconds
Expec: .. 3068960000 seconds
Heigth: ... 1,68 centimeters
Weigth: ....... 65 kilograms
Nation: ............. Brazil
Local: ............... South
One reference to Michal Zalewski stylesheet

code room

Nsoq project: Network Security over a 'Q'rawler and RSOI Handler.
Nsoq Nsoq is a Network Security tool for packet manipulation that allows a large number of options. The tool can operate on the Hive Mind mode (RSOI).
Nsoq can send packets to any target type (like hostnames, IPs and MAC address) like handling many fields/headers like: Source/Destination IP address, Source/Destination MAC address, TCP flags, ICMP types, TCP/UDP/ICMP packet size, payloads ARP/RARP, etc.
Nsoq has a set of harder options for Web Stress Test.
Official documentation here for the options list.

Fragicmp (exploring Ip Fragmentation for fun and profit): Portuguese papper (poc).
Real attack under a fragmentation IP packet.
Fragicmp sends a packet into 4 fragments with overlaping.
Here (at portuguese) the discussion papper. Download PoC: fragicmp_0.3.tar.gz (source version).

Z-proto is an experimental protocol for massive control of ThinClient's firmwares.
Z-proto was born to manage the comunication between two proccess, that will execute the firmware update on too many terminals.

Museum of broken packets (by Michal Zalewski):
"The purpose of this museum is to provide a shelter for strange, unwanted, malformed packets - abandoned and doomed freaks of nature - as we, mere mortals, meet them on the twisted paths of our grand journey called life." (Zalewski, Michal).

C / GO / Python (codes inside): Codes, routines and notes
Running a dynamic module import, another simple process pool. Asserting things using a custom assert. Here one alternate routine for the GLIBC ether_ntoa(), loop optimization without compilation flags (inline assembly), Delivering signals with python ( handling signals), load balance within python qpid.
Executing a C/CGI like a MVC pattern, raw sockets executing one IP fragmentation attack. Porting strptime() for python 2.4x (2.4.3).
Debuging golang applications (aka GO) using gdb.

The ancient touch: The wonderful tool (pocket code):
#include <stdio.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <utime.h>

int main (signed int index, char **__files) {

	if ((index | 0x00) < 0x02) {
		fprintf(stderr,"\n\n\tTouch v0.3\n Khun \n\n");
		fprintf(stderr,"Use: \n%s (FileName)\n\n", *__files);
		goto __END;
	} else __files++;

	struct utimbuf _utbuff;
	while (*__files) {
		fopen(*__files, "a+");
		_utbuff.modtime = time(NULL);
		utime(*__files++, &_utbuff);

	return index;

Exploits (old school):
Real codes and POCs for analisys: Linux, sistemas Microsoft, Sun Solaris, sendmail, ssh/OpenSSH, sistemas HPUX, applications crontab, SUIDs root e local Linux, remote Linux (cnex, blindSpoof, etc) and misc POC.
Three initial notes about developing exploits and shellcodes (portuguese text by Nash Leon).
ShellCodes I (Metodology), Shellcodes II (Metodology) e Exploits (Metodology).

SMP (Simetric Multi Processor): Parallel programming primitives (portuguese papper).
An overview about SMP architectures.

More tools:
The best worldwide exploit. Nc (Unix sock connection), another small giant here: The pOf is a passive fingerprinter capable of identifying operating systems and software on the other end of outgoing and incoming TCP connections. Getch function for unix (getch for linux). Clones-X is an add'on for IRC scripts that raising multiples sessions (clones). Cript is an small and fast cript tool for messages under Win32 systems.

other apps and texts

Kernel Signals Vulnerability (proof of concept):
Delivering Signals for Fun and Profit. Text by Michal Zalewski about Kernel signals handling and exploitation methods (PoC).

Mot-Bible (old school):
Motorola Programing Guide. Old cheat codes for accessing programable interface.

Netcat (Original code by Hobbit):
No more words. The original binaries and files here (unix/Windows).
Netcat (Linux) (binary for linux 32 bits).
Netcat (Windows) (binary for Win32).
Netcat (Source) (original source code).

Spim is a MIPS simulator/builder for RISC (R2000/R3000) architectures:
Spim I (First version for Unix/Linux).
Spim II (Second version for Linux).
Spim Windows (Spim for Win32).

EWB: Eletronic Workbench.
Little giant circuit simulator (analog circuit and digital projects).
Ewb 3.0 (Version 3.0: First stable version for Win32).
Ewb 5 (Version 5: More plus version for Win32).

An official list about all MAC address vendors. Last update: 15.jul.2018.

Walking around:
You are on this directory.


root@localhost ~ # ./whoami
Software engineer, a technology fanatic, a sleeper guy, deep lover of football, rock lover and a coffee drinker.

I live in the company of a woman that I love, a dog, a bed, a bank account, a guitar with three hundred years old and a pair of skates (Rollerblade Twister 80 '). This are some records of this timeless everyday. : )
Galleries below without the stupid MACROMEDIA FLASH. I promise.

Motorcycle (pics)
S.C. Internacional (pics)

A frustrated guitarist.:
Frustrated, yes, a frustrared guitarist. Maybe because I have not been able to live of music. Or i could have been lucky on doing music... i'm not sure. But it is a feeling that i never will know. : )
Anyway, I separated a few albums that are part of my past, where I've been listening to much lately: The Final Cut (Pink Floyd), Edge of Thorns (Savatage), Power Plant (Gamma Ray), Fiesta Pagana (Mago do Oz), Holy Land (Angra), Division Bell (Pink Floyd), Alcatrazz (Alcatrazz), Queen II (Queen), And Justice for All (Metallica).

Inline Skate (aka Roller):
Inside the Inline skates. Even when you don't have time for much, skating always have room. The cool part of skating is how you can fight to keep the balance of your own body and obtain speed at the same time.
I'm not so good with the hard skills, but when I can be with the skates i try to spend a good time on them. There are great materials here in Brazil for whoever starting skating: The "Patinar Project" has a good material and a very complete support for the community Inline Skate. Below some links:

Patinar Project
Roller Derby
Agressive Inline

I've many links to list. Maybe I cannot list all for now, but i will do along the future.

Phrack Magazine (E-zine)
Hack a Day Page (More hacks)
Exploit DB (Exploits database)
Security Focus (SecurityFocus)
Silence on the Wire (SOW Project)
PacketStormSecurity (PacketStorm)
Buffer Overflow (Overflow síntese)
Nsoq (Nsoq on github)
Github (Felipe Ecker)
Science made Stupid (Note)
Inline Patins (Inline skate project)
Sport Club Internacional (Sport Club Internacional page)
Milworm (Shellcodes motor) (OffLine)
WikiLeaks (Governamental leaks)

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